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Angela Miner - Former President of Plano ISD Council of PTAs

Brian Cuban - Author, Lawyer & Mental Health Advocate

Doug & Missy Bender - Plano Veteran Community Volunteers

Craig N. Perry - Former Plano Chamber of Commerce Chairman

Glenn & Jean Callison - Plano Community Leaders

Lorie Burch - Candidate for Texas Congressional District 3

Maria Tu - Candidate for Plano City Council, Place 1

Mark Phariss - Former Candidate for Senate District 8

Pat Miner - Former City Council Member

Ron Simmons - Former Texas State Representative, District 65


"I have personally never seen anyone work harder for the things that are near and dear to my heart about education, and who still believes that positive change and a different perspective are possible to create. His passion for education, special needs advocacy, and entrepreneurial integrity are unmatched." - Chad Collins, Educator and Friend

"Dylan has been involved in helping people in his community from a young age. He has a heart of gold and I know he will serve his community well. " - Bridget Coughlin, Friend

"Hardworking, energetic, always questioning, always learning, always polite, Dylan Rafaty who is running for Place 7 on the Plano ISD will make a great ISD trustee. He cares about the community, he cares about public education, and he cares about Plano's youth." - Mark Phariss & Vic Holmes, Proud Plano Residents and Friends

"I enthusiastically endorse my friend Dylan Rafaty for the Plano ISD school board. Here’s why: 1. A product of PISD’s special education efforts, Dylan has personal experience in an extremely expensive educational field which no other candidate has. While his learning needs were very different from my twins’, Dylan has always demonstrated a rare empathy and understanding of issues all students face. 2. In Plano, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a lawyer, real estate agent, business exec or supermom who wants to be on the school board to push STEM curriculum and other such things. As a young graduate from Collin College with plans to get his bachelor’s degree, Dylan’s refreshing perspective will be incredibly valuable. 3. With Yoram Solomon (Current Board Trustee, Plano ISD - Place 4) choosing not to run for re-election, the board needs another out-of-the-box thinking, uber-engaged, Mr. Plano to keep the rest of them on their toes. 4. He’s not full of crap." - Clay and Carole Boatright, Proud Plano Residents and Special Education Advocates

"Dylan Rafaty will prove to be a strong asset and advocate to the education of ALL of our children." - Bill Wallace, Founder, Success North Dallas

"As a 25-year school teacher, I can clearly see that Dylan Rafaty is the man for the job for Plano ISD Board of Trustees Place 7. Dylan said at a recent meeting that his teachers had advocated for him all through his school years, and now he will advocate for teachers. I want to see Dylan representing me and other educators in Plano, our students, and our wonderful community."- Debbie O'Reilly, Educator

"Dylan Rafaty is one of the most passionate men I know who truly cares about our PISD children, their education and environment." - Mimi Conner, Parent and Entrepreneur

"As you know, Lisa and I are very involved in helping make sure the disabled have every service and opportunity reasonably possibly. There are many that have a heart for the disabled but it is hard to empathize until you have been there yourself or a close family member. For those of you in the Plano ISD, you have the opportunity to vote for someone that lives with a disability and has dedicated his adult life to working for those with disabilities that might not be able to advocate for themselves. This person is Dylan Rafaty. Hands down he is the best candidate and added bonus for our special needs students." - Ron and Lisa Simmons, Disability Community Leaders 

Campaign Supporters

Abozar Sohabi

Adena Harmon & Family

Ahmed & Pari Tehrani

Alan Drazen

Ali Khoshgowari & Family

Alice & Hugh Anderson

Amanda Jackson & Family

Amelia Williams

Angela & Pat Miner

Annabel Gutierrez

Ashley Hutter

Austin Shepherd

Austin Shirley

Becky Igo & Family

Beverly & George Ruiz

Bill Wallace

Blair Thomas & Family

Bob Kehr & Family

Brad Kearney

Brandon Bentley

Bruce Ginsberg

Carl Webb

Carrie Jones & Family

Chad Zidow & Family

Charisse Medellin & Family

Cheryl Mullin

Chontae Feldman & Family

Clay & Carole Boatright

Colleen & Charlie Vanstory

Craig N. Perry & Family

Darrell Roberts

Dean Lindsey & Family

Debbie O'Reilly & Family

Doug & Missy Bender

Eddie Monk

Edwin Rodrguez

Emily Sandler & Family

Eric & Heather McGehearty

Erika Warren & Family

Esmer Leal

Evelyn Cano

Gabriela & Shawn Ganjoor

Glenn & Jean Callison

Gus Elfar

Dr. Farhad Tarki & Family

Hoss & Maria Rafaty

Jan Underwood & Family

Jennifer Allen & Family

Jesse Levya

John Stafford & Family

Julie McKinley & Family

Karen Reilly

Kimberly Black

Kimberly Pierson

Kristin Ingram & Family

Kristy Ragsdale & Family

Lauren Carlson & Family

Lawrence Mann & Family

Lisa & Ron Simmons

Lori Vann

Marc Santini

Mark Zartler & Family

Mary Jacobs

Mary Jo Billings

Meryl K. Evans & Family

Michel Triana

Mike Barone

Mimi Conner & Family

Mohsen Amini & Family

Morgan Thurmond

Nasser Palizban

Nima Karamati

Patricia Elliott & Family 

Robin LeoGrande & Family

Rod Rodriguez & Family

Shahpoor Ganjoor

Sharon Townsend & Family

Steve Fisch & Family

Steve Lavine

Sundee Roberts & Family

Tania Hussain & Family

Ted & Kimberly Sealey

Tim Llewellyn

Traci Duff & Family

Tyler Vanstory

Vesna N. Rafaty

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