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Dylan has a passion to serve all students and faculty within Plano ISD. It is because of Dylan's broad experiences, knowledge and connections that he is able to identify other issues. The issues include:

School Safety

  • Provide continuous education and awareness for all students through innovative programs by working with collaborative partners (in relation to anti-bullying, mental health and accurately reporting suspicious activity).
  • Incorporate at least (1) psychological counselor for every school.
  • Develop, create prevention strategies and procedures in case of emergencies.

Healthy Food Options

  • Incorporate healthy food options for all elementary youth.
  • Investigate and/or expand health and wellness programs.

Student Success

  • Continue to expand Pre-K options.
  • Continue to support the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Child Find programs.
  • Expand transitional support and guidance for middle school students.
  • Continue to expand blended learning options in classrooms for all students.
  • Continue to expand post-secondary options for all students (through Career and Technical Education, Trade School, Apprenticeship or Entrepreneurship Programs, etc.) who want to become employment-ready.
  • Develop gateway access (or smooth transition) to college for students including those with disabilities through a collaborative partnership with Collin College.

Empowering Teachers

  • Continue to expand professional learning and collaborative work teams for all teachers and administrators.
  • Continue to support the Plano ISD Instructional Technology department with the expansion of Webdesk and Chromebooks in classrooms.
  • Increase recognition efforts for teachers and administrators for their personal achievements.
  • Increase team building efforts within local schools.

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